Dr. Steven McKinnon

Dr. Steven McKinnon is a professor at Renton Technical College (RTC). He has facilitated business classes at RTC for the past two years. Dr. McKinnon started his higher education career at Fayetteville Technical Community College as the Chair of the business department.

Preceding his higher education career, Dr. McKinnon spent fifteen plus years in the restaurant and hospitality industry. There he gained an extensive amount of hands-on leadership and management experience with roles in general management, district management, and regional training management.

Dr. McKinnon can often be found speaking at DECA Leadership Conferences, during WBW programs, and at the Black Male Summit at Highline College. He gets to live out his life-long dream lakeside in Kirkland, Washington. His interests are education (life-long learning), jazz, and learning to play chess.

Dr. McKinnon will be teaching Business 101, Teamwork, and Leadership at all of WBW’s programs.

Tony North

Tony is an IT, Cyber Security and HR Industry management leader. Through these areas he has provided sales, professional services, consulting & implementations, conference hosting (emcee), speaking, facilitating, and training/support for customers. As a great start to technology while in the United States Marine Corp, Tony became the first PC Software Trainer at SAFECO Insurance Home Office, later evolving to service and speak in 26 countries and 42 states. After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Operations and Supervision from the University of Phoenix in 2017, he was awarded a Life Time Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Now living in Bothell with his three children, Tony helps youth in his community as a Speaker promoting volunteering for the YMCA and local school sports activities.

Tony will be speaking at both of our virtual camps and at University of Puget Sound.

Stacey Black and Ruth Kaneko from BECU

BECU is a credit union originally established to serve employees of The Boeing Company. BECU was founded as Fellowship Credit Union in 1935 by 18 Boeing employees, and was named Boeing Employees’ Credit Union for much of its history. Its headquarters are located in Tukwila, Washington.

Stacey Black – Stacey Black is a fierce advocate for financial literacy, and through financial education, she’s able to help people act on their finances and make a real impact on their lives. For over two decades, Stacey has frequently spoken on behalf of BECU’s financial education programs for adults, school-age children, teenagers, and college students. These programs cover topics such as budgeting, understanding credit, debt reduction, and more.

Ruth Kaneko – With over 12 years of experience in the financial industry, Ruth has a passion for bringing financial education topics to life. She graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in Education. Helping others achieve their financial goals through bringing about intentional financial habits is the cornerstone of her work at BECU.

Ruth and Stacey will be holding a Financial Reality Fair at both of our virtual programs.

Cynthia Seidel

Cynthia Seidel is an educational consultant and is the owner of On Course College Consulting. She supports students throughout their college planning process – from identifying majors and career interests to deciding which colleges to apply to and helping students develop strong applications. She works with students who are applying to colleges in the U.S. and internationally.

Cynthia will be the College Knowledge speaker at both of our virtual camps.

Dr. Scott Kronlund

Dr. Kronlund is a Family Physician and Certified Physician Executive. He holds a medical degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine as well as a Master of Science degree in Preventative and Administrative Medicine from the University of Wisconsin. He has devoted more than 30 years working in healthcare as a private practitioner, hospital and clinic executive, and healthcare consultant to hospitals and medical staff around the country.

Dr. Kronlund’s participation with Washington Business Week dates to 2008 when he first volunteered to serve as a Clinical Advisor (“CA”) for the newly-created WBW Healthcare Pathway. The transformation that he witnessed among the students was amazing as they moved from a shy group of strangers upon arrival into an integrated team of colleagues and friends delivering an outstanding work product by week’s end. Since that time, Dr. Kronlund has served as “Chair of the Week” on multiple occasions and looks forward to this one week out of the year when he can share his professional life experiences with young, eager minds.

Dr. Scott Kronlund will be one of the Telehealth breakous speakers for our virtual camp on June and our day program at Renton Technical College.

Dana Allison

Dana Allison is a 3x founder and the CEO and Founder of Trova Health, building the foundational infrastructure for mental healthcare globally. Dana started Trova Health with a team of amazing people after stepping down from CEO of IM Your Doc, a real-time, HIPAA compliant mobile messaging application. Under her leadership, IM Your Doc went from beta to market launch and, since, has strategically scaled to reach more than 400 practices and thousands of patient users and is profitable. 

Having lived in 6 countries and having been trained in medicine, research and entrepreneurship, Dana has been central to building Trova from ground up, leveraging her own professional experiences to help hone and evolve the product. With an unparalleled commitment to care, innovation and the rapidly-evolving healthtech market, Dana has worked to create and develop a platform that meets the unique needs of the global mental healthcare market.

Prior to starting Trova Health, Dana was the founder of Women’s World Health Initiative which leveraged technology to improve prenatal, delivery and postpartum health of women in rural Senegal. She has also spent time in Ethiopia and Thailand, focusing on healthcare in the developing world, and working with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). She holds a double H.BA in political science and public policy with honors from the University of Chicago and attended medical school at the University of Utah.

Dana Allison will be one of the Telehealth breakous speakers for our virtual camp on June and our day program at Renton Technical College.

Fred Foose

Fred is currently the Marketing Director of True World Foods. He has over 40 years of retail and wholesale experience. During those years he has mentored and coached multiple people up through the ranks of corporate leadership. He is a proven leader with expert knowledge in all aspects of retail advertising, marketing, merchandising, operations, and sales.

Fred has been involved with Washington Business Week for the past three years and has enjoyed the role of CA, and Judge during our virtual programs. He also sits on Washington Business Week’s Board of Directors and serves as the Treasurer.

Fred will be the Business breakout speaker at our first virtual camp on June.

Tracey Turcotte

Tracey is currently the Youth Apprenticeship Manager at AJAC. Previously, Tracey was the Program Director for Washington Business Week (WBW) programs. During her time at WBW, she also helped to start the inaugural Alaska Business Week Youth Program in conjunction with the Alaska State Chamber and The University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Tracey has past facilitating/professional involvement with Washington DECA, FBLA, The Pacific Institute, Cispus Learning Centers, Gene Juarez and Skills Inc. Tracey is very passionate in helping young adults succeed in career and life.


Tracey will be the Closing speaker at both of our virtual camps.

Clark Roberts

Clark Roberts is the Executive Director and founder of Ultimate Vision. Ultimate Vision “Inspiring Others to See in New Ways” is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that teaches people of all ages that life does not stop when adversity occurs. It is not a matter of if, but when, life is going to happen. At age 24 Clark lost his sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa. He discovered that when life hits, you must learn how to embrace the challenge, find your potential and live life to its fullest! 

Clark is a subject matter expert who has dedicated his life to sharing a message of hope and encouragement. From CEOs in Corporate America to students ranging in age from Preschool – High School, Clark, accompanied by his guide dog, has shared with thousands of people, providing tools and knowledge to inspire and motivate them to see their life and their opportunities differently. He shows each person how to reach beyond their limitations inspiring them to live a life of significance, one with compassion, kindness, and confidence. Through this increased awareness each person learns how to overcome the challenges that life can bring, celebrate their differences, and live a life that is full and rewarding, inspiring others to do the same. Clark has recently added to his subject matter the importance of “Resilience” and “Adaptability”. 

Clark has a natural gift of humor, is married to his amazing wife Karrie, who he met on a blind date, and 2 adult children. His son Jacob is married and has a 1½ year old daughter which makes Clark an enormously proud grandpa “Papa” and a daughter, Rebekah who has just graduated from college and is now taking her Masters. All of them love to mess with him regarding his sight loss but also embrace fun adventures alongside of him. Clark is also an author and enjoys story telling. He is an outdoor and sports enthusiast, who loves to downhill ski, tandem cycle, water ski, drive rally cars, swim, and hike in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Clark will be the Opening speaker at our virtual camp on July and will be a speaker at our program at University of Puget Sound.

Rachel Head

Rachel is the Director of Your Big Year program and produces multiple major events including the Global Citizens Challenge, which hosts hundreds of young people over 4 day events and helps facilitate innovation and overseas multinational research forums organizations such as Microsoft and Google. Despite being remote, Rachel has helped manage on the ground projects as well, including both in Puerto Rico and in Maryland, USA.

Rachel will be the Business breakout speaker at our second virtual camp on July.

Daniel Sherman

Dan Sherman, director of the Sound Policy Institute, has research interests in the areas of sustainability, environmental science, and U.S. environmental law and policy. He co-authored an undergraduate textbook on environmental science and sustainability with W.W. Norton press. He is author of the book Not Here, Not There, Not Anywhere: Local Opposition and the Politics of Low-level Radioactive Waste Disposal (RFF Press, 2011), and many articles on hazardous waste cleanup, citizen activism, and sustainability in higher education. Sherman teaches courses that focus on the environment and its relation to politics and society.

Dan is the Clean Energy Breakout Speaker at our virtual July camp, and at our University of Puget Sound camp.

Peter Kline

Peter Kline is a Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill. Peter helps people tackle important issues in their lives so that they can enjoy greater financial security and confidence.

A major passion in Peter’s life is endurance running and the ability to share that experience with children and adults who have disabilities.

A motivational speaker, Peter enjoys sharing his zest for life and volunteerism with others, addressing educational and civic organizations, nonprofits, and business associations. 

Peter will be the Opening speaker at our camp at University of Puget Sound.

Ian Farrell

Ian Farrell has been an active supporter of WBW for nearly 15 years. Ian has been involved in each iteration of the Willapa Harbor Business Week Program, a Washington State in-school program for the Raymond, South Bend, and Willapa Valley schools, now in its 14th year.  

Ian started as a company advisor and over the years has been a judge, Chair of the Week, leader of the local steering group/task force, and now a member of the WBW’s board of directors. Ian has seen the impact the program has on students as well as the community as a whole, and he is happy that the program has become cemented into the culture of the school districts and students throughout Washington State. 

Ian is the Business Breakout Speaker at both of our camps at University of Puget Sound and Renton Technical College.

Bryce Ancheta

Bryce Ancheta is a real estate agent with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Realty Partners.

Bryce believes that relationships are at the heart of every real estate transaction and brings a personal dedication to each of his clients to ensure he understands their needs and delivers on their expectations. Whether working with first time home buyers, sellers or investor, Bryce’s professionalism and commitment to his clients provide for a smooth process and successful outcomes!

Bryce will be a CEO Roundtable Guest at our camp at University of Puget Sound.

Karen Hansen

Karen Hansen is the President of Wyman & Associates as well as Wyman Financial Solutions and the successor to the company’s founder, Larry Wyman. Its main office is in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and for over 34 years, Wyman has been proud to be the trusted partner for many clients throughout the stages of life. Karen works with individuals and business to help protect their investments, businesses and family interests. Karen has been active in her community by previously being on her College Scholarship Committee, President of the Board of Directors for Washington Business Week and Finance Committee Chair for the Renton Technology foundation Board.

Karen will be a CEO Roundtable Guest at both of our camps at University of Puget Sound and Renton Technical College.

Steve Dobosz

Steve taught high school students for 30 years at North Thurston HS and River Ridge HS in Lacey, WA. He coached cross country, track, and soccer at these high schools for 45 years. His teams, both male and female, have earned 10 league high school championships and one 4th place finish at state. He has coached premier league teams to 5 state championships, 1 district championship, and 1 national championship.

Steve has participated as a Company Advisor and/or Chair at Washington Business Week’s in-school, day, and international programs. He sat as a member of the Board of Directors for 5 years.  

Steve is the Advanced Business Breakout Speaker at both of our camps at University of Puget Sound and Renton Technical College.

Christoper Kaya, Sheri Anderson, and Sergio Lopez from Global Credit Union

Global Credit Union is a credit union headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, chartered and regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration. In the United States, Global is among the largest credit unions by assets, and it is among the 20 largest credit unions by membership

Christopher Kaya has twenty-three years of management experience with eight years in retail and fifteen years as a manager at Global Credit Union. During his management career he has received awards for customer and employee satisfaction, innovation, and performance.

In his free time, Chris enjoys playing video games, watching shows on multiple streaming services, cooking, and occasionally going out to try Vegan cuisine with his friends. He lives with three dogs named Siyah, Link, and Roo.


As a Branch Manager, Sheri manages overall branch functions and delivery of member engagement, coaching and mentoring staff for growth, to achieve the business and financial objectives of the credit union. This management role is key to building the business in growth markets of being the face of the credit union in branches and our communities in which the credit union serves.

Sheri is inspired daily by her husband kids, and grandkids. In Sheri’s free time, she likes to craft, decorate, travel, and support her husband’s racing hobby.


Sergio Lopez has been in the financial services industry for 18 years. During that time, he has had the honor to lead 10 Branches to meet and exceed their Customer/Member Service and Sales goals consistently. He has supported over 50 Team members get promoted by Inspiring and Motivating them to be the best version of themselves at work and holding himself accountable to support their goals and aspirations in the Financial Industry.

 When he is not at work he enjoys spending time with his Famila y Amigos (Family and Friends). He is married and has 2 kids (Iker and Isabella Lopez), you can find him visiting his parents, hosting get togethers at home or eating out. 

Christopher, Sheri, and Sergio will be speaking about Financial Literacy at our program at University of Puget Sound.

Anthony Covington

Anthony is a highly successful student service director who effectively partners with college staff and admin, community organizations, and industry representatives. He is committed to motivating and mentoring students and professionals in higher education.

Anthony is the College Knowledge Speaker at both of our camps at University of Puget Sound and Renton Technical College.

Jen Reed from Sound Credit Union

Jen Reed is the Vice President of Public Relations at Sound Credit Union.

Sound Credit Union operates as a financial cooperative. The Union provides financial solutions such as saving and checking accounts, loans, investment, credit and debit cards, insurance, ATMs, online banking, and other related services. Sound Credit Union serves communities in the State of Washington.

Jen will be holding a “Bite of Reality” session at our camp at Renton Technical College.

Chelsea Etter

In her role, Chelsea leads and manages the sales, service, personnel, and operations for the Kingsgate branch location. She is passionate about finding ways to enhance the member experience as well as meeting the financial needs in the community she serves. Chelsea enjoys serving the Kirkland community through volunteerism dedicating her time to organizations such as Lake Washington School District Foundation and Hopelink.  

Chelsea previously managed retail stores such as Hallmark and Zumiez. Chelsea received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.  Chelsea has been a part of the Alaska USA team since 2015 after making the transition from retail store management. She started her career in Bellingham as a Senior Financial Services Representative where she deepened her knowledge and experience of the financial services industry. Since then, she has held several different positions within the credit union ultimately leading to her current role of Branch Manager in their Kingsgate location.  

Chelsea was born and raised in Monroe, Washington where she currently resides. Chelsea is married and a busy mother of Harper and Hudson, 15-month-old twins. In the event she has free time, Chelsea loves crafting, crime podcasts and baking.   

Chelsea will be speaking about Financial Literacy at our camp at Renton Technical College.

Lynn Strickland

Demetria “Lynn” Strickland is an Army veteran who served over nine years and has 25+ years of management experience in several sectors. She is a former Dean of Instruction at Bates Technical College where she supervised 14 apprenticeship programs, 11 career training programs and Continuing Education.

Lynn began working for AJAC | Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeships as a Program Manager in February 2012, was promoted to Deputy Director in July 2012 and has served as Executive Director since August 2014.  Lynn and the AJAC team develop and implement pre-apprenticeship, youth apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship employer-driven programs for the incumbent workforce open to all employers across Washington State in the advanced manufacturing industries. 

Lynn will be the closing speaker at our camp at Renton Technical College.


WBW will have in-person and virtual camps in 2024!

I learned so much about teamwork, leadership, and professionalism. Washington Business Week was my first time in a leadership position (as the CEO of the company). I learned what it meant to lead a team. At University of Washington, we have team projects in every class. Everything I learned directly applies to what I do now.

– Emmeline Vu, WBW alumna and University of Washington Student