Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!


Alaska Business Week Offers Week-Long Summer Programs

The Alaska Business Week (ABW) program was started through the partnership of Washington Business Week and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. While the Alaska Business Week program runs independently from our Washington Business Week programs, WBW and ABW still share a special connection.

Alaska Business Week is a fun, intensive entrepreneurship experience for high school students. ABW runs one-week programs teaching the basics of business, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Participants compete as teams in a dynamic business simulation with the guidance of adult mentors from the business community. After completing the program, students have a competitive edge on workplace readiness, college preparation, and overall life success.

At ABW, students get personal experience working with real business leaders, company founders and CEOs. At the start of each camp, students form dedicated teams or ‘companies’ to compete in a gamified business simulation. The curriculum is designed to promote leadership, ethical decision-making, public speaking, collaborative teamwork, and profitable entrepreneurship for Alaska communities.

Learn more about the Alaska Business Week program here

I learned so much about teamwork, leadership, and professionalism. Washington Business Week was my first time in a leadership position (as the CEO of the company). I learned what it meant to lead a team. At University of Washington, we have team projects in every class. Everything I learned directly applies to what I do now.

– Emmeline Vu, WBW alumna and University of Washington Student

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