Judging at the WBW Trade Show

As an  advisor  or a judge you will experience the  transformational  nature of our program. Students begin the week as strangers and by Sunday they have formed an energized team and passionate about their futures.
We ask that you consider joining us as a volunteer this summer! You will walk away refreshed and inspired by the innovation of the next generation. Share your knowledge and expertise with tomorrow’s leaders.
We are seeking Company Advisors and Judges for both our local and international programs.
Don’t want to volunteer alone? It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring your work colleagues to share the experience. Take a morning off work and be reminded that the next generation is on the right track.

The biggest lessons learned at Business Week that I use in my job are the inter-personal/people skills—working together with lots of people, teamwork, dealing with disputes and opposite perspectives. It’s not only the students that leave with those lessons…the CAs and other staff learn new things each year too!

– Becky Allen, Company Advisor and Senior Financial Analyst, World Vision

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