Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!


We Offer Four Program Options to Choose From

Washington Business Week programs provide opportunities for high school students to learn about the fundamentals of business while building job skills. We conduct week-long residential programs at three campuses in the summer, three cities in Poland, one city in Belarus, and offer our in-school programs in rural areas throughout Washington state during the academic year. At each program, students undertake hands-on projects providing them the opportunity to operate a business and create a new product.

Virtual Business Program – NEW for 2020 and 2021!

Due to the pandemic, we will only offer virtual camps in the summer of 2020 & 2021.

  • Students will be placed in groups of 10-12 peers and mentored by industry leaders and college students in their Junior or Senior year.
  • U.S. students will earn two (2) elective college credits from Renton Technical College.  Classes will be taught for Professor Steven McKinnon in Business, Leadership & Teamwork.
  • Inspiring speakers will motivate and impart vital knowledge multiple times a day during the program.
  • Students will run a business simulation electing a company CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, etc.
  • Students will create a marketing video campaign for their product and compete for engagement on YouTube.
  • Students will present their business to industry professionals as the culminating project and race against other groups to collect the most investment dollars for the new product.
  • We will have fun – students, mentors, speakers, and the entire support team look forward to the:
    • Power Pose Competition
    • Shark Tank Competition
    • and so much more!
  • Students are “at camp” virtually on our platform from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students should expect to spend an additional 2-3 hours working outside of camp with their team to complete their projects Monday-Thursday of camp.
  • WBW is using our brand new business simulation software and integrating that with the Zoom for communication and the college level Learning Management System Blackboard for a seamless student experience.

Learn more about our 2021 Programs on our 2021 Virtual Program Page. 

WBW Virtual Program Presentation 2021 for School Presentations

Watch our 2021 promotional video to learn more about the program.

Meet our Professor -Dr. McKinnon

The 2021 WBW 4-5 day virtual programs will give students the opportunity to earn 2 elective college credits from our partner Renton Technical College. Meet our Professor Dr. Steven McKinnon who will teach classes on Leadership, Teamwork & Business!
Dr. McKinnon is the business professor at Renton Technical College, where he facilitates business classes for the past two years. Prior to Renton Technical College Dr. McKinnon started his higherEd career at Fayetteville Technical Community College as the Chair of the Business Department.
Preceding his higherEd career, Dr. McKinnon spent fifteen plus years in the restaurant and hospitality industry. There he gain an extensive amount of hands-on leadership and management experience with roles in general management, district management and regional training management.
Dr. McKinnon is a frequent speaker at DECA Leadership Conferences and a speaker at the Black Male Summit at Highline College. He gets to live out his life-long dream lakeside in Kirkland, Washington. His interest are education (life-long learning), jazz, and is trying to play chess.


PLEASE BE ADVISED, due to the curriculum remaining consistent across the virtual programs, students are only able to earn a maximum of two college credits during the 2021 season. Even if students register for multiple pathways – business, advanced business, telehealth, and clean energy, and/or sign-up for multiple camp sessions over the 2021 season, they will only receive a maximum of two college credits for their participation.



English Proficiency Policy for WBW Virtual Programs

 Washington Business Week is pleased to be able to offer our virtual camp to students from around the world. We welcome you to camp and we are thrilled you have decided to join us. All our students bring a unique perspective, and we are excited to hear yours.  

This is a fast-paced environment in which students learn and grow together quickly. To successfully participate in this program, you must be fully proficient in English. The WBW program is not designed for non-English speakers. WBW programs are designed to challenge the knowledge and skills you already have with the English language.


My experience here at WBW was a very fruitful one. I came to WBW hoping to learn about Business and to determine what I wanted to do with my life. I have come away with a greater understanding, a fun experience and the determination that business is the best way to use the talents I possess. I was able to practice the art of communication, and to develop my logic and math skills. I learned that sometimes [it’s] better to spend money, rather than save it. I also learned that there are sometimes when you just have to gracefully accept defeat.

– Joel Karkowski, O’dea High School

2021 – Summer Programs – A Week-long Immersive Experience on a University Campus (5-6 days)

With one residential summer program in the Puget Sound and two day programs, our Summer Programs offer students a chance to experience simulated career challenges in a general business setting or in the career-focused pathways of healthcare, and manufacturing. In our residential program, teens will live on the Seattle University campus for the week and interact with professionals and peers as a company during the day, and afterwards, enjoy outdoor activities, volleyball, rec halls, and the campus amenities with their newly made teammates. Our day program combines the best aspects of our company meetings and speakers with the exciting extracurricular activities for an amazing week.

In only  one week, students build a team, launch a company, compete in a dynamic industry simulation, sharpen communication skills, and recreate the energy and results-focus of the workplace.

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Need Financial Assistance or want to apply for a Merit Based Scholarship to offset the cost of camp?  Check out our Tuition Assistance Program here.

In-School Community Programs – Taught in the High School Classroom (4 to 5 days)

These community-focused day programs include the best components of the summer program in a short period of time at select rural Washington locations. Based on a local college or business, students attend our in-school programs as part of their graduation requirement. In-School Programs serve students from Centralia High School, WF West High School, Willapa/Raymond High Schools, Aberdeen Schools, Hoquiam Schools, Omak High School and Okanogan High School.

2021 – International Programs – An Immersive Business Week Experience in Poland (8 days)

Business Week is offered to high school students in Boleslawowo, Gdansk, and Gdynia, Poland, in Minsk, Belarus, as well as cities throughout Italy. Our Poland and Belarus programs consists of one hundred high school students, ten business volunteers from the U.S., several American high school students, and educators. International Business Week places American business professionals and student volunteers in an advisory role to students abroad, leading a team to success in our dynamic, cross-cultural program. Volunteer advisers educate, share expertise, and provide feedback to a team of 10 t0 12 English-speaking students.

WBW 2021 Camp Schedule is now live!

WBW is launching NEW virtual pathways