Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!


Thank you to all our students, volunteers, interns, leadership, international & school partners, sponsors, and the team that made the 2021 camp season a success!

We look forward to serving you during In-School programs and we are excitingly making the 2022 camp plans which will be announced shortly.

Congratulations to the PEMCO Scholarship award winners of 2021.  During each camp, the Company Advisor/Mentor would identify one student whose leadership skill, enthusiasm, and dedication to the program and their team stood out.  Just being nominated is a huge honor.  Congratulations to the following recipients (pictured below) of the $1,500 scholarship!

Summer 2021 Program Review

Washington Business Week places students in a dynamic simulation where they role-play as industry professionals, launch a company, sharpen their communication skills, and solve real-world challenges.

Students take the lead as their team races against the clock to develop a world-changing idea and pitch it to potential investors at the end-of-week competition. Guided by a mentor from a local business, students learn to work as a team, explore careers, build a network with professionals and future leaders.

Each day students and their companies dive into a real-world business simulation in the career pathway they’ve chosen. Students make “real-life” decisions as a team and participate in interactive projects with other teen companies. Business leaders from around the state share their experiences and challenges and provide valuable insight and direction as they mentor the teams.

Virtual Business Program – 2021! 

  • Students will be placed in groups of 10-12 peers and mentored by an industry leader and/or college student in their Junior or Senior year.
  • Inspiring speakers will motivate and impart vital knowledge multiple times a day throughout the program.
  • Students will run a business simulation electing a company CEO, CFO, Marketing Manager, etc.
  • Students will create a marketing video campaign for their product and compete for engagement on YouTube.
  • Students will present their business to industry professionals as the culminating project and race against other groups to collect the most investment dollars for the new product.
  • We will have fun – students, mentors, speakers, and the entire support team look forward to the:
    • Earn 2 elective transferable college credits from Renton Technical College
    • Power Pose Competition
    • Virtual Career & College Fairs
      • and so much more!
  • WBW is using a brand new business simulation software and integrating that with Zoom video conferencing. We will also utilize the college-level Learning Management System Blackboard for a seamless student experience.
  • PLEASE BE ADVISED, due to the curriculum remaining consistent across the virtual programs, U.S students are only able to earn a maximum of two college credits during the 2021 season. Even if students register for multiple pathways – business, advanced business, telehealth, and clean energy, and/or sign-up for multiple camp sessions over the 2021 season, they will only receive a maximum of two college credits for their participation.  International students will not receive college credit.
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, PLEASE BE ADVISED: English Proficiency Policy for WBW Virtual Programs. Washington Business Week is pleased to be able to offer our virtual camp to students from around the world. We welcome you to camp and we are thrilled you have decided to join us. All our students bring a unique perspective, and we are excited to hear yours.  This is a fast-paced environment in which students learn and grow together quickly. To successfully participate in this program, you must be fully proficient in English. The WBW program is not designed for non-English speakers. WBW programs are designed to challenge the knowledge and skills you already have with the English language.

Due to the pandemic, we will only offer virtual camps this summer. We look forward to seeing you online in 2021!

Camp Dates:

June 21st – June 25th – Business & Telehealth/Healthcare

June 28th – July 2nd – Business, Advanced Business,  & Clean Energy Week

July 12th – July 16th  – Business & Clean Energy Week

July 26th – July 30th – Business, Advanced Business, & Telehealth/Healthcare

August 9th – August 13th – Business, Advanced Business, Telehealth/Healthcare & Clean Energy Week

Students are “at camp” virtually on our platform from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students should expect to spend an additional 2-3 hours working outside of camp with their team to complete their projects Monday-Thursday of camp.

Registration for programs will close 2 weeks prior to the camp start date. 

The cost to attend the Virtual Business Week is $310 for U.S based students and $250 for International students (college credit is not available for International students) along with a non-refundable registration fee of $4.95.  Need Financial Assistance to offset the cost of camp?  Check out our Tuition Assistance

For 45 years, we have provided over 72,000 high school students with a competitive edge on college readiness, career advancement, and overall life success. Discover what thousands of young people now know about themselves – how to make an amazing impact in the 21st-century workplace.

I learned so much about teamwork, leadership, and professionalism. Washington Business Week was my first time in a leadership position (as the CEO of the company). I learned what it meant to lead a team. At University of Washington, we have team projects in every class. Everything I learned directly applies to what I do now.

– Emmeline Vu, WBW alumna and University of Washington Student