Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!
Congratulations Washington Business Week 2021 Graduates!


Empowering and Impacting the Next Generation

Washington Business Week is a unique opportunity like no other. We place business professionals with high school students in a dynamic workplace simulation for a week during the summer where students role-play as industry professionals, launch a company, and solve real-world challenges.

Backed by over 100 Washington state organizations and businesses, including Microsoft, PEMCO Insurance, and Costco, we have sent more than 70,000 students and 6,000 business professionals through our programs.

Our 2020 Virtual Program Pivot…

The heart of Washington Business Week (WBW) will always be our in-person programs on college campuses. The traditional programming structure helps students build confidence, work-ready skills, leadership, communication, teamwork, public speaking, and critical-thinking competences. We are eager to get back on campuses when it is safe to do so.

The national camp industry crumbled in the wake of Covid-19. For example, in 2019, twenty-three (23) states offered a business week program. Of those aforementioned programs, only WBW delivered camp in 2020. Further still, only a handful offered students a leadership development opportunity by implementing a speaker series.

Despite the impact the pandemic has had on the camp industry, we are very proud to say that WBW was the sole business week able to continue offering leadership programming in June, July, and August of this year. We also launched a six-week speaker series on relevant topics for youth. Our spring speaker series videos have been viewed over 700 times. Thank you to PEMCO for sponsoring the upcoming fall speaker series, which will launch in late October and conclude in November.

Our ability to move to a virtual platform was due to the investment we made in 2019. The investment was focused on modernizing our business simulation software known as BIZSim. WBW has long strived to offer an updated and technologically savvy business simulation to all our students. This summer, WBW fulfilled its goal by rolling out the new simulation software named, Washington’s Innovative Learning Environment or WILE for short. WILE is a web-based simulation that is also accessible as a mobile-app. The implementation of WILE has allowed WBW to significantly reduce financial barriers for students interested in participating in the virtual program.

In addition to limiting financial barriers that may inhibit student involvement, the updated system has also eliminated any geographical distances impact on student participation and engagement. By coupling our new software with Zoom Breakout Rooms, we were able to deliver the virtual camp to students across Washington, the United States, Poland, and the Republic of Georgia.

The 2020 Annual Report will be released in Mid-September 2020

View our 2020 Data and Performance Metrics Report – WBW 2020 Camp Analytics

2019 Results

Thousands of students experience the Washington Business Week model, learning teamwork, leadership, and innovation.

  • Over 53% of students are low-income
  • 40% are young people of color
  • 100% of summer participants earn college credit to put them on the path to postsecondary success

In 2019, we served 1,590 high school students and had the support of 200 volunteers.

Read more about WBW’s 2019 season with our 2019 WBW Annual Report

When I was told the program would change my life, I didn’t realize how true it would be. . . . Washington Business Week has taught me so much more than just how to succeed in a professional setting. I am now comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people and leading a group of strangers to success. Not only can I read financial reports and write a business plan, I can make new friends I will keep for a lifetime in a group of people I have only known for a week. . . . Business Week has taught me to step out of my comfort zone, take risks, and take responsibility for my actions.

– Gillian Whelan, 2009 & 2010 BW Participant, University of Washington Student

WBW 2021 Camp Schedule is now live!

WBW is launching NEW virtual pathways