Healthcare/Telehealth Week 

At Healthcare/TelehealthWeek, students are divided into teams and are responsible for running a safe, ethical, and affordable healthcare clinic. Teams are challenged to answer the question—how will we solve some of the world’s greatest healthcare crises and still keep our clinic fiscally viable to ensure care for those who need it? Each team is assigned a major illness or issue, such as breast cancer, diabetes, or AIDS, and are tasked with the challenge to invent an innovative new preventative method, treatment, or cure. Students learn about the gamut of healthcare careers and healthcare technology. Students will interact with the medical skills centers at major universities and practice hands-on learning with modern medical equipment.

In the Telehealth Virtual Programs, students will have the chance to interact with and learn from doctors who are experts in their field. The teams will work to come up with innovative ideas to enhance the emerging telehealth medical field and their ideas could be implemented by regional hospitals and perhaps nationwide.