Meet our team

Our dedicated, hardworking, and creative staff members make our programs possible every single day. 

Gena Post, Ed.D

Executive Director
[email protected]

Gena joined the WBW team in 2019 as a Program Manager and was quickly promoted to the position of Director of Operations in the fall of that year. While committing to her new role with the organization, Gena was able to fulfill her degree requirements at Seattle University and earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in May of 2020. Gena was recently promoted to interim executive director prior to the 2022 summer season. She has seen the organization adapt dramatically since the onset of COVID. She is grateful for this experience as its leveraged her ability to lead a diverse team during uncertain times. Throughout her time with WBW, Gena values that she has partnered with an organization that allows her to put into practice leadership frameworks to facilitate the mission of WBW through curriculum development.

Gena has lived in the Pacific Northwest her entire life. In fact, before moving to Washington, Gena was born an eighth generation Oregonian, with her family as one of the original Oregon Trail settlers. Currently, Gena lives in West Seattle with her husband, her two dogs, and one cat. You can always find her planning for her next trip abroad.

Samantha Peart


Samantha is a Pacific Northwest native, she grew up in Gig Harbor, WA. Her first job right out of high school was an accounting assistant in the Accounting department at the University of Puget Sound. She decided that Accounting was a great career choice and then went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Central Washington University. She has over 15 years of accomplished work in the field of Accounting and has worked for very large and small organizations. She enjoys working with nonprofit organizations and feels that providing them with her accounting knowledge is her way of helping further their mission. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and is an avid gardener, she loves to grow fruits and vegetables in her garden.

Danielle Ina Urmaza

Marketing and Program Specialist

Dani comes from a small town in the Philippines, but she considers herself as a citizen of the world. She graduated with a degree in Business Management in 2014, and she has then started and managed small businesses throughout the span of her career.

In 2022, she joined Washington Business Week as a part-time dedicated assistant. A few months after, she joined the organization full-time as a Marketing and Program Specialist.

Outside of work, she enjoys language learning, cooking, traveling, and leading a healthy active lifestyle.

Aiyana Holloway

Operations Manager

Aiyana grew up in the Pacific Northwest lived on Vashon Island for the first 20 years of her life. She earned her associate degree in Psychology from Seattle College in 2018. She is now a senior at the University of Washington Tacoma and will be graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Communications in 2022. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the national parks near where she lives and playing with her dog.

Noor Kaur

Office Manager

Noor, born in India, relocated to the United States as an infant and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. After recently graduating from high school, Noor made the decision to take a gap year before heading to the East Coast for college.

In 2021, Noor became a student in the Telehealth program at WBW, honing her skills and gaining invaluable knowledge. A year later, she took on an intern role at the UW Tacoma Camp, further expanding her experience within the organization. Now, as of 2023, Noor has joined WBW on a full-time basis, assuming the responsibilities of an Office Manager.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Noor indulges in a variety of passions during her leisure time – such as reading, shopping, traveling, and engaging in rheumatological research.

Jerry Li


Jerry was born in China and has enjoyed living on the East Coast and Midwest before moving to Bellevue. He is currently a senior at Interlake High School.

In his freshman year of high school, Jerry joined WBW as part of the Business and Advanced Business pathways, where he developed skills and relationships with the organization. Since then, has worked as a WBW summer intern and researcher before joining WBW’s staff as a full intern. 

Outside of school and work, he enjoys replicating restaurant recipes at home, competing at debate tournaments, and going on excursions to the nearest shopping mall. He looks forward to meeting campers and students this summer!

I have been to a variety of different camps and conferences, but Business Week is one that has changed my life forever.

– Amber Valenzuela, Auburn High School Graduate, Student Manager at UW Office of Annual Giving, WBW graduate 2013 and returning summer staff member