College-level Challenges in a Community-minded Setting

The Centralia/Chehalis Area Business Week Program is hosted at Centralia College.

Business Week is a landmark experience for the junior class high school students of W.F. West, Centralia, and other Lewis County high schools. Like the summer program, students spend an intensive week in a simulated “corporate” environment learning business, team building, leadership, and life skills.

This program is required for student graduation and teams are composed of a mix of multiple schools, guided by a teacher and a company advisor from the surrounding business community. With a strong rivalry between the schools, it’s a healthy way for the community to come together and for young people to make lasting connections outside of their usual circle.

The local business and educational community of Centralia and Chehalis believe so strongly in the benefits of Business Week for their students that the community fully funds every aspect of the program each year. With exception of lunch, there is no cost for students to participate. Students are transported by bus to Centralia College every morning and back in time to catch their afternoon school buses.

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Our group has learned valuable lessons, both leader and students alike! The challenge of working in a diverse group was ultimately met by leaning in to pull together. We learned from our mistake and now better understand the world we may face in our future.

– Lorie Spogen, Centralia/Chehalis Area Business Week