College Credits

Earn 2 College Credits

Thanks to our partnership with Renton Technical College and Edmonds Community College, we are able to offer 2 elective college credits for students successfully completing any of the week-long Washington Business Week Summer Programs. This is a great opportunity to get a jump-start on college – so don’t miss out! In fact, at some colleges, incoming freshmen who have some college credits already get to register for classes before those who have no credits.

What is the fee?

The typical community college tuition for 2 credits is about $200. All participants can earn college credits as part of their program tuition.

What do I have to do to earn credit?

The 2 college credits are earned by fully participating in any of our week-long programs. No additional tests or essays are required. The grade will be “S” (satisfactory). Washington Business Week will make the determination on each application for college credit whether or not that the student has satisfactorily participated in the program. If it is determined that a student has not completed the program outcomes successfully, college credit will not be awarded and the student will be notified.

What if I’m not sure where I will attend college?

The college credits are typically approved for general elective transfer credit at most colleges or universities, subject to approval by the receiving institution, just like any other college credits. These courses may be recognized as elective credits at other colleges, however, it is up to each student to identify if and how credits will transfer to their intended college.

How do I register for the credits?

Edmonds Community College (Seattle University and University of Washington Tacoma programs): To register for college credits, you will need to complete either an online or pdf college credit registration form. Be sure to complete ALL required fields. Only complete registration forms will be accepted. This will be sent to you before the program begins.

Renton Technical College (Renton Tech program): To register for college credits, you will need to create an RTC user account in the online RTC portal. A link to the online portal will be sent before the program begins. You will need to save your username and password for the portal in order to request your RTC transcript.

How do I transfer my credits?

After successfully completing the program, you will receive a letter from Edmonds Community College with directions telling you how to download your grade or request a college transcript from the website. If you attend a program at SU, your letter will come in the fall. If you attend a program at UWT, your letter will come in the winter. For students attending Renton Technical College, you can access your transcripts via the username and password you created on the online portal.  Follow this link for instructions

If you have questions regarding credits prior to participating in a Washington Business Week program, please contact the Washington Business Week office at 253.237.3545.

If you have questions regarding credits after completing a Washington Business Week program or would like a transcript, please contact Edmonds Community College at 425.640.1371 or Renton Technical College at 425.235.2352.