Washington Business Week is no ordinary summer teen program. WBW programs place high school students in a dynamic simulation where they compete as industry professionals, sharpen communication skills, and face real-world challenges. Students take part a dynamic workplace simulation where they launch a new product, make choices that save people’s lives, compete for a new building contract, or find ways to increase the profits of client organizations. Although students are competing with other students, they are also having a blast working on fun and exciting group projects. With the guidance of a mentor from the business community, students gain a competitive edge on college preparation, workplace readiness, and overall life success.

Washington Business Week teen summer programs are designed to provide students with a hands-on, real-world career experience while also providing them with a fun trial run of college. During our weeklong, teen summer program students live on a college campus, hang with new friends, and rub shoulders with business professionals. Basically, previewing college and the career world at the same time!

Students can even earn 2 elective college credits just for successfully completing the program through our partnership with Edmonds Community College! No additional tests or essays are required. These credits may also be recognized as elective credits at other colleges; however, it is up to each student to identify if and how credits will transfer to their intended college.

Through generous support from local businesses, partners, and universities, Washington Business Week is also able to offer a number of scholarships to be used at post-high school institutions of higher learning.