At Washington Business Week, high school students learn crucial life skills as they role-play as industry professionals, launch a company, and solve real-world challenges. This program wouldn’t be possible without the help of business professionals.

Washington Business Week has impacted over 60,000 students and 6,000 professionals since 1976. This is the place for the upcoming leaders of today to impact the leaders of the future. Each summer, we host employees from over 50 local and national companies including Microsoft, PEMCO Insurance, The Boeing Company, and many more.

Company Advisor: In just one week, Company Advisors learn to coach, influence, delegate, empower, and sharpen leadership skills in a way that our participants describe as life-changing. Guide students to work as a team, run a company, and make real-world decisions. You learn firsthand how to lead a diverse team to success. It’s a hands-on leadership program like no other.

Judge: Judges evaluate our end-of-week competitions. At the Trade Show, Judges role-play as investors while student teams use their newly learned powers of persuasion to garner investor “bucks.” At the Stockholders Presentations, Judges evaluate student performance in our college-level business simulation. The fresh faces and questions of the Judges are what make our events both challenging and unforgettable. Judges return to work on Monday refreshed and inspired by the innovation and teamwork of the next generation.

Speaker: Speakers have the opportunity to share their expertise with up to 200 high school students that are eager to learn about 21st-century skills. Topics range from entrepreneurship, leadership, and team dynamics to brainstorming, ethics, and more.

International: At International Business Week, volunteers and students have a unique opportunity to practice diplomacy, educate others about entrepreneurship, and build a professional network abroad. Programs are offered in three cities in Poland and in a brand new location in Foligno, Italy,

Washington Business Week offers Summer, In-School, and International Program experiences. (International opportunities are limited to Company Advisors.)