White Pass Area Students Experience Business in Randle, WA

White Pass Business Week is held every other year around March in Randle. Students from the junior and senior classes of the White Pass region spend an intensive 5-day experience in a simulated business experience where they learn what makes up the real world of business.

Business Week prepares high school students to make informed choices related to future academic and career opportunities. The week-long program pairs business leaders and educators to facilitate hands-on learning experiences for student teams. Students learn about communications, critical thinking, and other life skills that support success as individuals and community leaders.

Student teams engage in a variety of activities which include the development of a management group, participation in an 8-quarter business simulation where teams make financial, marketing and production decisions, and stockholder and trade show presentations. Volunteers from local businesses act as mentors for each student company.

Read more about the White Pass Business Week program by reading this article from the Center for the Improvement of Student Learning

The success of the Business Week program depends heavily on the commitment of local volunteers. Volunteer opportunities are available for Company Advisors and Judges.

Kids need to know they have choices. Business Week opens our kids’ eyes to a world they may not have known

– Hazelanna McMahan, Business Owner in White Pass Region

WBW 2023 Camp Schedule is now live!

WBW is offering in-person and virtual programs in 2023!