Boleslawowo is a rural community. Advisors will stay at the local university. The main goal is for students with less English experience to practice in an immersive setting. Whey they still participate in team exercises and projects, communication is the primary emphasis. Sight-seeing opportunities are provided.

Boleslawowo, Poland

The Polish students in Gdansk are well-practiced in English, and the program concentrates on learning the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. Students go through our business simulation and design a product. The university is a 20–25 minute walk from the hotel.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdynia is the most similar to Business Week in Washington. Students speak fairly fluent English, practice leadership, and are eager to get hands-on learning about business through our simulation and product design. The university is a short 10–minute walk from the hotel.

Gdynia, Poland

Foligno is an ancient town in Umbria, Italy. The program models our In-School Program and students do not stay on campus at the university. Currently this program is focused on Italian High School Students, and may open to American Students in the future.

Foligno, Italy


The Poland Business Week program begins on Saturday (training day); students arrive Sunday and the program concludes on Friday evening. The Italy Business Week program begins on Sunday (training day) students arrive Monday and the program will conclude Friday afternoon.
3 meals a day will be provided during the duration of the program. You are responsible for meals and snacks during travel to and the program.
Each host city will cover the cost of lodging (depending on location – dormitory or hotel, see specific location detail).
Supplemental travel insurance is provided by WBW to all volunteers and students traveling internationally.
We offer a ½ day professional development/CA orientation locally and each host city has their own company advisor training the day prior to the start of their program.
The host city will provide transportation to and from the airport.
Business Week sessions are informal. Most likely the days will be warm and the evenings will be cooler. We ask our adult volunteers to dress casually, but to dress business casual when appropriate at different events.
You will need a valid passport to travel internationally. Please visit to obtain current application procedures and time frames.
Jobs are becoming even more dependent on international trade and this makes it even more important to become competitive in a global marketplace. Our program offers a competitive advantage to those preparing to lead and do business in the global community.
Corporate and City sponsors help us to reduce the cost of the program.