Gdynia, Poland

Gdynia is the city of the Pomeranian Voivodeship of Poland and an important seaport of Gdansk Bay on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. The population total is 247,799.

Gdynia is the most similar to Business Week in Washington. Students speak fairly fluent English, practice leadership, and are eager to get hands-on learning about business through our simulation and product design. The university is a short 10-minute walk from the hotel. Program hours are roughly 8:30am – 8:30pm, Sunday – Friday and both our Business and Advanced Business programs are available at this location.

Adult volunteers will stay at a local hotel throughout the program and American students will stay the school dormitory during the program, and in a hotel when they arrive approximately 3 days before the program commences. WBW will help to coordinate American student travel with an adult volunteer.

Program cost for American students: 

  • $100 registration fee
  • Airfare
  • Spending money (optional)

*Financial aid is not available for international programs

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2020 Dates:


Thank you to our Gdynia Business Week Sponsors!

Being a Company Advisor at the 2016 Gdynia Business Week Program was truly life changing and fulfilling. The wonderful students on my team amazed me by the strength of their character, their intelligence, their desire to learn and improve themselves. Each one of these students was so impressive in their own way and just fun to be with. What an opportunity it was for me to be part of this unique and wonderful program.

– Paul J. Dobosz, Senior Manager, Reasearch and Business Advocacy, Downtown Seattle Association/Metropolitan Improvement District


Time Commitment
8 days
Program Duration
The Poland Business Week program begins on Saturday (training day); students arrive Sunday and the program concludes on Friday evening. The Italy Business Week program begins on Sunday (training day) students arrive Monday and the program will conclude Friday afternoon.
3 meals a day will be provided during the duration of the program. You are responsible for meals and snacks during travel to and the program.
Each host city will cover the cost of lodging (depending on location – dormitory or hotel, see specific location detail).
Travel insurance is provided by WBW to all volunteers and students traveling internationally, but we suggest that each student gets their own individual travel insurance plan.
The host city will provide transportation to and from the airport.
Business Week sessions are informal. Most likely the days will be warm and the evenings will be cooler. We ask our adult volunteers to dress casually, but to dress business casual when appropriate at different events.
You will need a valid passport to travel internationally. Please visit to obtain current application procedures and time frames.
Why should I sign up for an international program at WBW?
Jobs are becoming even more dependent on international trade and this makes it even more important to become competitive in a global marketplace. Our program offers a competitive advantage to those preparing to lead and do business in the global community.
Why are the international programs so affordable?
Corporate and City sponsors help us to reduce the cost of the program.

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