A non-refundable deposit of $25 is due at the time you register and the remaining balance may be paid in auto bill payments on the 1st of the month. If you are applying for Financial Aid, please complete the application prior to registering. We will provide you with your allocation to enable you to register.
There are very few items your tuition does not cover.
The fee is payable by check, money order or charge debit/credit card. A payment plan can also be scheduled by contacting Washington Business Week at 253.237.3545
1. Try contacting a local business person for help. Washington Business Week can provide materials to help with this process. 2. Check with your schools to see if they can help. 3. You can fill out "Request for Financial Assistance" portion of the registration form and we will contact you about the possibility of an additional sponsorship. 4. You may also call the Washington Business Week at 253.237.3545 or e-mail for questions or concerns about the cost.
Full cost of residential tuition is $1,620, but thanks to our generous sponsors, every student is granted a $740 scholarship to reduce tuition to $880 (plus a $4.95 non-refundable processing fee). We also offer merit-based and need-based tuition assistance to reduce the cost even further for students who qualify. Register by February 28th and get the early bird price of $690! Late applicants will pay a late registration price of $950.

Arrivals, Departures and Transportation

If your program is a residential program, Check in will start at 10:00am the Sunday of your program and will continue until 12:00pm. Checkout will be Friday following the awards ceremony and reception, concluding around 7pm.
Please contact Washington Business Week at 253.237.3545, so that we may plan for your late arrival.
No. Transportation is the parent's responsibility.
Yes. But you will be required to leave your keys with the office and will not be able to leave campus for the week.

Supervision, Security, Rooms and Rules

Students are in meetings, workshops, and other events throughout the day. During free time, there are activities scheduled. There are Business Week staff, dorm advisors, volunteers, and Campus Security staff on campus at all times.
While we encourage students to room with someone they don’t know, you are allowed to request a roommate. If you would like to room with a friend, please note so on your registration application.
Yes! Males and females are housed on separate floors of the same dorm at Seattle University and separate dorms at PLU. Bed checks are done by the floor supervisors each night and Campus Security patrols the grounds outside the dorms.
Yes, the Student Code of Conduct will be provided after acceptance into the program.
You will receive a campus map with the boundaries at check-in. You are asked to stay on campus from the moment you check-in to the moment you check out. If you have any pressing matters that require you to leave campus, you must contact Washington Business Week’s Offices.
Besides your enthusiasm and open-mind, you will need to bring the basic essentials for the week. Three weeks prior to your week of attendance, the Washington Business Week office will send you an information packet with details specific to your program.
NO. Washington Business Week is a very rigorous program. We keep you busy from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You will have free time during the day, but visitors are not allowed on campus. This is included in our code of conduct and is a violation and grounds for being sent home from the Washington Business Week program.
NO. There are boundaries within the campus that you must abide by. There are some exceptions for local relatives picking you up for dinner, if you have a doctor's appointment, interview, etc. Any reason for leaving campus requires prior parental approval and confirmation through the Washington Business Week office.

Attire and Food

Though it is not required, it is recommended. There is an Awards Ceremony on Friday Night and Dances throughout the week.
Yes! Every campus will accommodate any dietary requirements with a variety of entrees.
Yes! Lunch is available at 12:45pm after check-in on the first day and the cost for parents is normally under $10.

Free Time and Fun

Even though we will keep you busy throughout the day, you will have some free time. Please refer to the packing list for items you should bring.
Yes, there is a dance during the week. You will be expected to follow the guidelines set out in the code of conduct. These are for program participants ONLY. There are not outside visitors allowed on campus during the week.
Yes! Everyone is expected to attend, but you are, of course, not required to perform.

Medication, Money and Electronics

Please refer to our Medication Policy.
Yes. But we recommend small denominations only.
You may bring your electronics but they are not required for any program sessions. They will be required to be turned off during any workshops, speakers, and company meetings.

Program Details

Students are placed into groups of 8-12 and are called “Companies”. These companies will have a Company Advisor that will lead the company meetings and provide support and mentorship.
One Company Advisor will be assigned to each company. These CAs come from a wide variety of backgrounds and companies. Please contact our offices for more info on CAs.
To change your program, please fill out a Program Transfer Request Form. To cancel, please fill out a Program Cancellation Form. For information concerning refunds please refer to our Cancellation Policy.
The 2 college credits are earned by fully participating in any of our weeklong programs. No additional tests or essays are required. These credits are elective credits and are included in your tuition! To register for college credits, you will need to complete either an online or pdf college credit registration form. Information will be provided after acceptance into the program.